7 Piece Fun Sensory Kit



Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face, our fun kit is packed with items to touch, smell, bounce, stretch and shake. Vibrant colours and different textures make this ideal for people of all abilities. Useful for group activity sessions, pass them around and talk about how they make everybody feel. Also can be used for anyone with a sight impairment. Why not use for a memory game with a difference - Blindfold players and place items on a table and secretly take various items away. Players have to gues which item is missing by feeling and shaking. Kit includes: 'Stretchy' frog Scented soft ball Rainbow spring Flashing spiky ball Bendy figure Gigglestick Cotton storage bag Size: Frog (l) 16cm x (w) 14cm, Scented ball (dia) 9cm, Rainbow spring (l) 7m (dia) 6cm, Flashing spike ball (dia) 6cm, Bendy figure (l) 14cm x w) 8cm, Gigglestick (l) 14cm x (dia) 2cm, bag: (l) 33cm x (w) 24cm (please note, bag colour may vary).

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