4 Pack of Rainbow UV Spine Balls



The Sensory Colourful UV Spine Balls make a great visual and tactile resource in any sensory space. The Sensory Colourful UV Spine Balls are supplied in a set of four different colour combinations.The Sensory Colourful UV Spine Balls are UV reactive, firm and bouncy, yet soft to touch.The UV Spine Balls are Ideal for use with a UV light or in a dark sensory space, children will love the different colours they make.We have updated our UV Spine Balls for 2021 and our balls now light up too.They can also be used for flexible massage/stimulation, hand/finger exercise or throwing and catching skills.Features:Throw, catch and bounce colourful spiky balls for endless play and light up fun!Balls react to UV lightColourful textured parts for tactile funFour different colour combinations

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