3DUPlay Playmat Dino



Introducing the future of playmats with our 3DUPlay Playmat Dino. This playmat comes in a fantastic Dinosaur theme Your child can use this mat to play, explore and engage their imagination as they travel through the Dino world meeting new friends. The Dinosaur play mat is wipeable, made from waterproof material and can also be used inside or outside. This Dinosaur playmat goes one step further as you can use your phone or tablet to make the features come to life. As the pictures show you can follow the simple instructions and point your device to the mat to see all the Dinosaurs alive. Each Dinosaur playmat includes an instruction booklet. Each playmat measures 120cm x 90cm Meet a wide array of friendly dinosaurs and learn interesting facts about each breed. Learn the difference between carnivores and herbivores to feed your dinosaur the correct diet. Interactive volcano; tap to make it erupt. Excavation mini games; dig up all the coins you can within the time limit and hatch them in the laboratory. Collect coins in each mini game to collect special edition dinosaurs.

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