360 Stunt Racer



The Stunt Racer 360 is a Remote control stunt car with unique wheel splitting action.
The Stunt Racer 360 isnt like other remote controlled cars. Switch it on and it will engulf with super-bright lights, then set it going and watch the awesome 360 degree spins and amazing light show appear in front of your eyes!

The left and right wheel sets are both hinged, allowing the car to split down the middle as it rotates to perform very impressive spinning tricks.

The wheels and other prominent features on the cars body light up, giving an enhanced air of spectacle as it moves and spins in its own special way.

Prepare to be amazed with the Stunt Racer 360. Unlike the dull remote control cars that have gone before it, this one is anything but. On first impressions it might just appear to be a much brighter version, but once the left and right wheel sets split, and the car launches into its 360 degree acrobatic light show, its true awesomeness is revealed! Come out of the spin and the car returns to its funky self, ready to drive off and enter into its next wicked spin! 

This remote control 360 Stunt Racer car is truly unlike any other and will draw gasps of excitement.

Take a look at the 360 Stunt Racer in action:


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