20 Piece Playground Windmill Sensory Set



This lovely 20 piece Windy Playground Windmill Sensory Set contains everything you need to create a stimulating garden or playground.
This Playground Windmill Sensory Set includes a comprehensive range of Windmills, Mobiles, Windsocks & Wind Chimes, and is an excellent sensory resource where the slightest breeze will bring a new element to your garden or playground.

This set includes:
4 polyester flower windmills (40 x 76 cm)
2 polyester yellow bee windmills (50 x 96 cm)
2 polyester red ladybird windmills (50 x 96 cm)
4 polyester bicycle windmills (50 x 88 cm)
2 polyester hot air balloon mobiles (30 x 140 cm)
4 polyester windsocks (15x154cm)
1 Metallic Wind Chime
1 Bamboo Wind Chime

The 20 Piece Playground Windmill Sensory Set is a specialist kit put together and made to order when you place an order, please allow a few additional days for delivery.

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