16 Piece Jumbo Threading Set



The 16 Piece Jumbo Threading threading shapes set is a wooden geometric shape and matching threads resource. The Jumbo Threading Shape Set is simple but attractive activity is ideal for aiding colour and shape recognition, matching, motor and hand to eye co-ordination skills.How many corners does a square have? How many sides on a triangle? What is a rhombus?These large threading shape pieces are an ideal way to introduce basic geometric shapes, with pre-printed names to be attached for easy identification.Also great for counting, matching and comparison. Each piece is punched with holes - children develop hand-eye coordination and improve their motor skills as they thread the colourful yarns that are also supplied.Superb value and a great set to help develop fine motor skills through play.Includes: Wooden Box, 8 Shapes, 8 ThreadsSize: 20.8 x 16.5 x 4.5 cm

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