12 Piece Visual Resource Kit



The amazing 12 piece Sensory Visual Kit contains a delightful range of Visual effects which when used will transform your world and bring it to life and make the world a more colourful place to live. Engage your child and allow them to explore Colours,Shapes and Sizes and reflections.The 12 piece Visual Kit is a great tool when you are looking to engage your child with discussion.Typical contents of our amazing Sensory Visual Kit include:Liquid Timer - Flashing Glitter Ball - Colour Paddles - Fish Mirror - Fibre Optic Wand - Spiral Glitter Wand - Colour Changing Egg - Rainshaker - Disco Stick - Disco Glide Ball - Rainbow Humming Top - Sandshapes - Kit Bags Colours and contents can occasionally change but where so we always send a replacement item of the same nature of a same or higher cost.

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