1-2-3 Build It™ Robot Factory



Mix, match, fix, attach and build your own twisting turning robot in your 1-2-3 Build It!™ Robot Factory. Build a tall bot with squiggly green legs, add eyes for your robot to see, and snap on a propeller! The 1-2-3 Build It!™ Robot Factory is sized just right for little hands, this build-it-yourself toy's chunky plastic pieces are ready to help preschoolers design, build, and tinker with their own robot toy during open-ended play sessions. Build your own twisting, turning, wacky robot creation with this 1-2-3 Build It!™ Robot Factory construction resource for preschoolers. Children build their own STEM creations with the mix-and-match pieces. 1-2-3 Build It!™ Robot Factory encourages STEM skills including critical thinking, early engineering and following directions. The Activity Guide includes ideas for builds and supports open-ended building and design. This colourful 18-piece 1-2-3 Build It!™ Robot Factory set contains one blue robot feet block, one yellow building block, one orange building block, one blue propeller, two red robot arms, two blue robot hands, two green wiggly components, and four robot eyes. Propeller measures approx. 16cm in diameter, eye pieces measure approx. 4cm in diameter and yellow rectangle piece measures 9.5cm L x 6cm W. Features multilingual packaging and guide.

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