Space Galaxy Laser Projector



Brand new from the makers of the much loved Laser Star Projector, transform your room into an enchanting universe packed with animated stars and cloud formations with the clever Space Galaxy Laser Projector! Flood any space with thousands of stars using new green laser and holographic technology and two precision glass lenses that fill any space with sharp green laser pin points becoming a spectacle of animated stars and deep blue gas clouds.Combine the twinkling stars and gas cloud effects for a striking universe that will truly mesmerise, or use the green star effect as a stand alone effect for super sharp precision imagery. Amazing Space Galaxy Laser ProjectorGreen laser animated starsBlue gas cloudsChoose brightness of gas clouds, or no clouds at allAdjustable angleSize or projector: 22cm (H) x 13cm x diameterAutomatically switches off after 2 hoursUSB powered (cable included)Class 2 Laser productMax power output<1.0mWWavelength: 552_542nComplies with IEC 60825-1:2014

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