GetSetGo Multi Activity Pack



The GetSetGo Multi Activity Pack contains a selection of versatile equipment to enable children to become involved in various playtime situations. Excellent for after school use. Contents may vary.Contains:4 Rubber Quoits2 Catch Pad Sets12 Spacemarkers6 Sequence Discs10 Hand Floor Markers10 Feet Floor Markers6 Ankle Skips4 Multicones4 100cm Flexi Rods2 Oppy 55cm12 Play Tennis Balls2 Plastic Footballs - Size 51 Vortex Rugby Ball4 Playballs 21cm2 Aeroballs1 Coated Foam Ball 16cm6 Scoop Sets (1 shown)3 Junior Crocket Sets3 Puffy Balls4 Short Tennis Rackets4 Junior Plastic Playbats2 Foam Rounders Bats with Balls1 30cm Balloon Ball3 Sensory Touch Balls1 Odd Ball4 Hula Hoops 60cm18 Collapsible Cones (6 x 6”, 6 x 9”, x 6 x 12”)6 Swirly Balls2 Play Hops20 Plastic Skipping Ropes3 Rainbow Comets2 Catch Net Sets4 Foam Flyers4 Soft Toss Discs12 Bean Bags2 Large Drawstring Bags (not shown)

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